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sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Even Years After Leaving Linden, Lindens are Still Lindens

Lindens are Still Lindens

So last Thursday, some robots, elves, kung fu masters, disco queens, a few furries and a rock god walked into a bar, but that's not the set-up for a joke, and since this happened in San Francisco, that's a fairly typical Thursday anyway -- it was the (now annual) Linden Lab alumni party, and several dozen Lindens were in attendance. Some Lindens in these photos are still active duty Lindens, but most have gone on to other things, such as work at Twitter, Google, and various tech/game companies, while some (by which I mean me) hover between many worlds (including the one that brought us all together in the first place). Many Lindens who came have been Lindens for nearly 10 years (if not longer), and any time I go to these reunions, it's striking to me how so many of us maintain this identity and social affiliation as part of who we are. (Seriously, how many people would still attend a reunion party based around another company, years after they left it?) For myself (and I suspect for many others at this party), the Linden title is a rare and special thing, one that can never be repeated elsewhere, and will stay with us for the rest of our careers.   
Anyway, more Lindens after the break. I'm curious if any readers can identify them all by name. (I actually can't.) 

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