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sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

SL Pathfinding Update: No Negative Impact on Almost All Existing SL Content, Says Lorca Linden

SL Pathfinding Update: No Negative Impact on Almost All Existing SL Content, Says Lorca Linden

The Linden Lab developer known as Lorca Linden has an informative updateon the new Second Life object pathfinding feature in the comments of the blog of Nalates Urriah. ("Although Lindens do not generally post on Resident blogs," he begins, "I am going to make an exception in this one case." Why this is a general rule, I have no idea.) Despite earlier fears, Lorca says pathfinding performances is generally performing well:
Region crash rates – excluding a bumpy couple hours during the roll out – remain low. All of this is to say that as far as the Lab can tell, Pathfinding has not had a negative performance or stability impact in the vast majority of situations... I also want to make clear that the impact on some vehicles is not directly related to pathfinding per say but rather the underlying physics and terrain optimizations that made pathfinding possible and have benefits beyond pathfinding. As far as we can tell, only a small percentage of existing content is affected by this physics upgrade.

Even Years After Leaving Linden, Lindens are Still Lindens

Lindens are Still Lindens

So last Thursday, some robots, elves, kung fu masters, disco queens, a few furries and a rock god walked into a bar, but that's not the set-up for a joke, and since this happened in San Francisco, that's a fairly typical Thursday anyway -- it was the (now annual) Linden Lab alumni party, and several dozen Lindens were in attendance. Some Lindens in these photos are still active duty Lindens, but most have gone on to other things, such as work at Twitter, Google, and various tech/game companies, while some (by which I mean me) hover between many worlds (including the one that brought us all together in the first place). Many Lindens who came have been Lindens for nearly 10 years (if not longer), and any time I go to these reunions, it's striking to me how so many of us maintain this identity and social affiliation as part of who we are. (Seriously, how many people would still attend a reunion party based around another company, years after they left it?) For myself (and I suspect for many others at this party), the Linden title is a rare and special thing, one that can never be repeated elsewhere, and will stay with us for the rest of our careers.   
Anyway, more Lindens after the break. I'm curious if any readers can identify them all by name. (I actually can't.) 

miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Suspender socks fat pack ONLY L$32

Suspender socks fat pack Full Perm

Nice set of suspender vintage sock. 
*Not resale Please* 

Kisha Glamour Skin - PROMO 1L

[ S H O C K ] Kisha Glamour Skin -

Kisha Glamour Skin! 
It has a jewell tone and comes in 2 versions, with or without freckles.
I put this skin to 1L linden on marketplace, so you can gift it to your friends
, but the skin is free if you have activated my group in my shop in-world!

Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - L$10

[AL] Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot - Foot Attach

Thank you for your interest in the Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot, 
Firstly I need to say that this promo foot is being sold at a lower price to get feed back on the new texture used for the skin. Reviews are helpful, but I would appreciate if you could also contact me in world with a note card. The reason for this is to find out how versatile this texture is. Especially for those that wear a luminous skin, or pale blues, grays or pinks. There is a slight shine to this texture, hopefully following through from most skins down the front and rear of the leg. I know it is very difficult to get the ' perfect ' match, but in my test, from a normal viewing range (not zoomed in) on my viewer they seem to work well. Hence the promo for feed back from You. Pictures taken in medium graphics using light (face light) so far the texture seems to hold up well, changing colour with your skin in surrounding lights! I will put on sale two versions of this foot, one that attaches to the foot (no foot lock animation) and one that attaches to the lower leg. These feet are NOT a demo, and will include resize option (found by clicking each foot) and a skin tone hud. Please note for fitting smaller avs, when wearing alpha layer the foot will need to adjusted up, with invisiprims adjusted down, in most cases. 
Thank you in advance Abi.

NWN in Japanese: Philip Rosedale: Second Life

NWN in Japanese: Philip Rosedale: Second Lifeの利用時間が、20億時間を越えた。


先日、Second LifeがNielsenのトップ10に名前を連ねているTweetした後、SL創設者のPhilip Rosedale本人が、私のTweetにリプライしてくれた。「最近、SLの利用時間が、20億時間を越えたよ!」この記録が既に発表されていたのなら、私は見逃していたのかもしれない。まぁ、今からこの話題に触れても、その価値はあるだろう。SLのトータルユーザーアワー(総ユーザー利用時間)は、2009年9月に10億時間を上回ったが、この数字を達成するまでに、2003年夏のサービス開始から6年かかっている。しかし、そこからたった3年で、さらに10億時間上乗せしたということになる。

  • 20億時間のトータルユーザーアワーを、年に換算すると、Second Lifeを228310年プレイしていることになる。
  • 今まで約2000万人がSecond Lifeを利用している。ということは、20億時間のトータルユーザーアワーというのは、ユーザー1人あたり平均100時間の利用があるということになる‐‐すなわち、Second Lifeの中に5日間いるということ。
  • もしこの20億という数字を端から端まで秩序立てて並べようとするなら、それは膨張し、宇宙の果てまで届くだろう。そして、Carl Saganの亡霊が君の前に現れ、こう言うのだ。「マザーファッカー、そんな類推は、ありえんだろう。」そしておそらく、彼は正しい。